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A Simply Better Enterprise

Better experience, better processes, better outcomes

Hook&Loop is Infor’s global experience design team. We believe that UX can always be better. That’s why we work across the enterprise and immerse ourselves in the customer journey to drive engagement, adoption, and productivity. It’s that simple.

Infor Design System

UX Toolkit

We help product teams design smarter and faster. Designers and developers can use the Infor Design System’s open-source code and assets, scaling better UX throughout the enterprise.

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Infor Design System assets
mobile and widget interfaces

Modernizing Enterprise Access

We create new ways for today’s workforce to interact with Infor’s robust enterprise. We’re designing and engineering product ecosystems that engage users through smartphones, APIs, widgets, wearables, and conversational UX.

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Hook&Loop Digital

Defining Digital Business Strategy

We apply design-thinking principles to optimize and transform business processes. Hook&Loop Digital works with customers to help identify, create, and execute digital roadmaps—whether automating foundational capabilities, leveraging extensibility to create new value, or entirely rethinking and disrupting a category.

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What’s New at Hook&Loop


Our Infor Expense, CRM, Design System, and Digital teams are representing in New Orleans from 9/23 to 9/26—visit us in the Hub!


Infor M3 in Stockholm

Nunzio Esposito, VP of Hook&Loop and head of experience at Infor, is giving a keynote address at Infor TechEd from 12/10 to 12/12.


Hook&Loop Digital builds AR-enabled warehouse prototype

Merging Infor solutions with 21st-century distribution technology.