We use these four principles to optimize usability and utility and create desirability in user experiences to drive business success.


As human-centered as consumer technology


Centers on what’s important to the industry, the business — and the user


Continually learning what users need and leading them to success


Minimizes complexity, eliminates distractions

How we work 
Our Process

  • We are customer and user-obsessed
  • We make things real, fast and frequently, and sometimes we fail
  • We collaborate and share selflessly
  • We love small, self-sufficient teams
  • We are committed to our people who are committed to the work

Careers and 

As Hook&Loop grows and evolves, so do the people who work here. The enterprise teaches things you don’t learn in the classroom or even at a start-up. You’ll be challenged to problem-solve and collaborate, and you’ll gain self-awareness and confidence.

Our former colleagues now work at places like Google, Adobe, and Frog. That means we’re doing something right—giving our team members the chance to hone their craft and expand their skills. When they move on to new and different challenges, we celebrate their success.

We’re always looking for entrepreneurial generalists to become part of our team. Ready for an exciting and challenging opportunity? Check out these openings on our teams.


ProjectMax is Hook&Loop’s vision for the future of Infor’s user experience. It’s where the user’s device of choice (smartphones) becomes the portal to the enterprise. Design, technology, and data are combined in ways that deliver always, only, exactly what the user needs right now.

Our Solutions

We improve the product experience at Infor by focusing on four areas that drive business success and user satisfaction: mobility, product enhancements, systems thinking, and education.