The Product Lead orchestrates delivery by understanding how all aspects of the business work together.

A Hook&Loop Product Lead is responsible for delivering a product/solution that fulfills the product strategy by collaborating across internal and external teams to ensure the product’s usability, utility and desirability.

The Product Lead needs a holistic understanding of Hook&Loop and its processes and an understanding of Infor and its processes. The Product Lead is responsible for effectively managing the integration of Hook&Loop and Infor processes to deliver against the strategy and Hook&Loop’s vision.

The Product Lead is responsible for the holistic needs of the product, including but not limited to: understanding of the differences in experience between iOS and Android; integrating product content needs into the sprints; working with the team in Manila on the identification, design and development of value beyond the mobile outputs (i.e. Dynamic HP widgets); articulating value, impact and benefit of the deliverable.

The Product Lead is the Subject Matter Expert and is able to demonstrate the latest version of the product effectively and to present in a professional, compelling manner to a variety of constituents. The Product Lead understands the customer, the user and Infor’s business objectives and how the product will drive mutual success/benefit.

Essential Functions:

The Product Lead will be held accountable for delivery and is expected to:

  • Support and execute against the product strategy and participate in the creation of that strategy with the leadership, Infor product team, Insights team and the C-Suite
  • Establish, schedule and manage the sprints
  • Hold team members, including leadership, accountable for meeting deadlines and expectations
  • Minimize and mitigate missed deliverables
  • Escalate issues when appropriate in a timely manner
  • Manage expectations of stakeholders and communicate effectively to all constituents
  • Synthesize inputs/feedback from research, design, engineering, Infor product teams, customers and leadership
  • Validate the progress throughout the product lifecycle—anticipating needs and obstacles and working to address/eliminate these proactively
  • Capable of communicating outward value benefit in a storytelling way to drive engagement and adoption internally and externally
  • Present/defend the outcomes with rationale and proof points

Orchestration: Orbital Model
The Product Lead sits at the center of the product development lifecycle—leading a small, agile team that consists of at least one product designer and one developer.

This team is focused on the objectives that support the product strategy—feeding and driving the product milestones (roadmap). As the model indicates, the core team relies on additional resources from Insights (program management: writing, business analysis, research and analytics) and Engineering (design and development).

The team is to stay as lean as possible in order to cultivate a work environment of collaboration and healthy tension that holds all team members accountable for delivering their best work.

The Product Lead is accountable to the product. The Product Lead is the point person to ensure success is achieved—accountable for regularly reporting on how the work is tracking and flagging any issues/concerns. In turn, the Product Lead will report back to the team with validation, recommendations and/or course corrections from Leadership.

Management: Team Dynamics
Managing and balancing (collaborating/negotiating) inputs/outputs are crucial for the success in the role. These aren’t just internal parties, but strategic partnerships with Infor Product Development as well.

  • Internal Partners: Key stakeholders that share in the success of delivery and help to curate the overall product experience. The Product Lead needs to be aware of these internal resources and leverage them strategically as needed to ensure success.
    • Hook&Loop: Leadership, Insights team, Engineering team
    • Infor Product Development: Product Managers, Development, & Solution Matter Experts (SME + Analyst Relations), CloudOps, RCC, etc.
    • Customers: Beta groups, CEBs, user forums, beta customers, analytics (usage)
  • External Parties: Vested stakeholders that need to be informed about key decisions and progress, and who, while not involved in the day-to-day, might have inputs to help enrich the product experience or make it more universally scalable.
    • C-Suite, Marketing Communication, Public Relations, etc.

Educational/Skill/Experience Requirements:

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree: technology, business, or related field
  • 4-6 years of experience: technology; product development/management; project management
  • Quick learner who takes initiative, and attempts to overcome problems independently

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience in software; enterprise and/or mobile applications preferred
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent problem-solving skills, ability to mitigate issues and discretion in escalating issues as appropriate
  • Ability to interact effectively with a variety of constituents
  • Excellent attention to detail required
  • Ability to manage multiple aspects of a project concurrently and prioritize workload among teams to meet deadlines

Physical Requirements:

  • Must be able to work out of Infor’s NYC HQ; not a remote position
  • General office environment
  • No special physical demands
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to work across multiple time zones

Equal Opportunity Employer:

The Company does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race color, creed religion sex, gender, identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, marital status, age, veteran status, protected veterans, military service obligation, citizenship status, individuals with disabilities, or any other characteristic protected by law applicable to the state in which you work.

In compliance with the ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA), should you have a disability and would like to request an accommodation in order to apply for a currently open position with Infor, please call (678) 319-8000 or email us at ADAAA [at]