Infor builds business software for specific industries and delivers pre-configured, industry-specific solutions via the cloud. More than 68,000 customers in 170 countries rely on Infor’s applications, services, and 16,000 employees to help overcome market disruptions and achieve business-wide digital transformation by putting the user experience first, leveraging data science, and integrating with existing systems.

Hook&Loop is Infor’s internal experience design and engineering group. Our global team—based in New York, London, Wrocław, Singapore, and Manila—believes that enterprise software should be just as easy to use as consumer applications. We’re passionate, collaborative, and unwilling to settle as we guide users to success in our products and drive change at scale throughout the enterprise.

• Our Insights team assesses market viability and ensures user value.
• Our Engineering team designs and builds innovative, high-fidelity products that exceed expectations.
• Our Digital team identifies opportunities to transform the businesses of select customers using Infor products.

Who Are We?

Infor is a $3B software provider and technology partner for more than 90,000 organizations worldwide. Our strategy focuses on purpose-built software for specific industries, designed for progress and with customer success in mind. Hook&Loop is Infor’s internal experience design team, enabling innovation and the growth of product and brand. We build meaningful experiences for enterprises, removing the gap between business- and customer-centric software. We’re designing the future of the enterprise and we need your help to succeed. Hook&Loop’s Wrocław team is focused on designing the best customer experiences and SMB ERPs.

Our Recruitment Process:

  1. We’ll call you to get to know you better.
  2. You’ll be asked to answer three questions about your role, in the form of a short video.
  3. We’ll challenge your ambition and assess your skills with a recruitment task.
  4. During a face-to-face meeting, you’ll present the results of your work and meet the team.

We’ll make sure to give you feedback after each step and inform you about our decisions.

Who Are You?


  • Know your trade. You have 2 to 3+ years of experience as a UX researcher, market researcher, data analyst, academic researcher, or another role that includes research activities.
  • Understand how to do it. Research ain’t easy. We know it and that’s why we need you to know how to select the right methodology for research, be it qualitative or quantitative.
  • Have worked with users. You know how to listen to people, so you actually understand what they mean—not what they say. You’re familiar with recruiting participants, conducting research, and delivering findings.
  • Lead the team to the right solutions. You can articulate your decisions and explain your work, getting your team and stakeholders onboard.
  • Have a proactive spirit. You don’t wait for your supervisor to give you orders—you know why you’re here. You’re excited by constant movement and progress.
  • Communicate on different levels. You get along well with your developers, researchers, and project managers, as well as directors and VPs.
  • Are curious and constantly learning. Our team believes that when you stop learning you are basically moving backward. You’re looking for opportunities to grow and learn.
  • Know that success is a team effort. You not only communicate well, you listen to others and validate your assumptions.

What We Offer:

  • Corporate level of complexity. We solve real problems, focusing on company success through end-user delight.
  • Agency-level freedom. We are corporate, but we are not stiff. Hook&Loop is a bunch of honest, open, and fun people who can be your mentors, teammates, and, most importantly, friends.
  • Value of feedback. We are comfortable with the uncomfortable—that said, we value your feedback and we act on it.
  • “The product is the brand, the brand is the product.” These words from Charles Phillips, Infor’s CEO, define our approach to product and design—we know that our products speak for us.
  • Growth and professional development. The best way to show that we care about our employees is to say that we care about their growth. Hook&Loop will always name our staff members as our most important assets, and we invest in them.
  • Not only work. We know that work is important, but it’s just one part of our lives. We offer our employees a competitive salary, sport card, lunch pass, and cafeteria access.

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Shoot us a résumé. We can’t wait to meet you.