Infor CRM Mobile

From engaging prospects to closing deals

Infor CRM Mobile

about the app

Infor CRM Mobile for iOS is an on-the-go extension of Infor CloudSuite™ CRM. It helps to define connected relationship management for the emerging workforce and gives sales professionals mobile access to targeted reminders, simplified note taking, and other essential features such as contacts, meetings, directions, and analytics.

We designed and engineered Infor CRM Mobile to maximize productivity in the field with personalized reminders, to-dos, and follow-ups. It helps reduce the need for repeated data entry and empowers remote sales professionals to better engage, re-engage, and build sustainable relationships with customers.

Hook&Loop and the Infor CRM backend team created a unique Node.js API, now included with the Infor Mongoose platform. This helps facilitate communication between the mobile app and Infor’s desktop product and also paves the way for future flexibility, personalization, and intuitive features, such as finding nearby opportunities via Apple® Maps and enhanced offline capabilities for even more productivity on the go.

user value

• Helps sales professionals seize opportunities in real-time based on insights delivered by the app. Increases active selling time by encouraging sales teams to be proactive. Users are more likely to record outcomes and take action quickly.

• Uses native mobile features to reduce distraction and enables more efficiency by offering the most relevant workflows to users.

• Reduces the need to sort through different apps for contacts, notes, email, and calendar information. Users now have a streamlined resource that leverages the most relevant features of Infor CRM CE and iOS functionality.

available now

Infor CRM Mobile is available for all Infor CloudSuite CRM customers using iOS 11 or higher. Admins should contact Infor support for onboarding. Download it here.

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