The Challenge

When a customer asked Infor to create an expense tool for traveling consultants, Hook&Loop was challenged with delivering a native mobile companion for Infor’s expense management software. Infor Expense Management is robust, but users must save and scan piles of receipts after a trip. This is inconvenient for travelers who need mobile-friendly features to send fast, accurate reports from 36,000 feet or on their way to a meeting.

The Project

After nearly 18 months of research, design, and development, we released Infor Expense, a mobile companion to Infor Expense Management that gives users a travel-friendly expense reporting experience. With photo receipt capture, streamlined expense report submission, credit card synching, and offline functionality, Infor Expense is a simple way to create and send expense reports from anywhere.


Infor Expense features an easy to navigate UI that delivers only what’s relevant to the user. Photo receipt capture and quick expense creation are the main interactions, followed by a simple user flow for attaching receipts and creating expense reports. After rounds of design and user testing, we selected an aesthetic that appears professional, trustworthy and user-friendly while offering maximum clarity for every action.

How It Works 
Faster, easier expenses on the go

Value Beyond the User

Not only does Infor Expense make expense management more seamless for the user, it also enables businesses to closely track spending and gain the visibility they need for bottom-line success. Thanks to this consumer-grade mobile solution, Infor Expense Management customers can expect to see an increase in users submitting their reports accurately and on time.

Expenses are faster and easier with Infor Expense

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