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We’re a team of about 50 working to serve Infor’s enterprise: 160+ products, 9,000+ developers, and 68,000 customers around the world. To help us scale our UX impact, we rely on tools—our own and third-party—to enable designers and developers to make smarter, faster decisions.

We’ve open-sourced the Infor Design System (IDS) and integrated tools like Github and Sketch to support efficient design consistency and increase speed of impact. In collaboration with platform and product teams, including Infor OS, Landmark, and M3, we validate that our UX uplifts and enhancements—from colors and typography to design tokens and code snippets—are compatible and easy to adopt.

ids graphic 1
IDS Principles

Better UX Defined

It takes more than tools to solve UX challenges. That’s why IDS also provides guidance, best practices, and education. To ensure that Infor has a shared understanding of how to achieve better UX, we define it based on these four attributes:

Approachable: As human-centered as consumer technology

Focused: Minimize complexity and eliminate distractions

Relevant: What’s important to the business and the user

Perceptive: Continually learning what leads users to success

IDS Reach

Gaining Traction, Making Impact

136,396 npm downloads per year

226 user-submitted requests and suggestions

137 unique GitHub contributors from our open-source community

ids graphic before and after
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Get Started

Explore the Design System

To learn more about IDS—and to get the latest code and updates on Github or install our Sketch toolkit—visit design.infor.com.